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Patti Simon
Yearbook Adviser
Bellaire High School
5-time CSPA Crown Winner
Bellaire, Texas
"When I was a new adviser, my Balfour Representative led me to others who shared with me their yearbook knowledge and experience.  My rep has provided leadership and advice for our yearbook staff for the past 21 years.  Our staff genuinely looks forward to his visit.  With his support through the years, we have learned a lot and have eventually earned recognition for good work.  My Balfour rep has always seen beyond the realm of the ordinary sales representative and has offered me both professional and personal support.  I know he will always be there whenever I might need him.  And he has become truly a good friend."
Leslie Baumgartner
Yearbook Adviser
Pearland Junior High School - West
Pearland, Texas
"Balfour Yearbooks and my representative have always been helpful, dependable, and friendly.  I can always count on my rep to answer all of my questions.  Between my yearbook rep and my account executive at Balfour, I know any problems I have will always be handled well."
Kim Hocott
Yearbook Adviser
Deer Park High School
Deer Park, Texas
"Working with the people in the Houston Office of Balfour Yearbooks is an absolute joy.  Not only are the representatives extemely knowledgable, but they provide schools with one-on-one attention.  I feel lucky not only to work with these people, but also to call them my friends."
Janci Alexander
Yearbook Adviser
Gentry Junior School
Baytown, Texas
"Last year was my first experience with Balfour Yearbooks.  I was petrified thinking the yearbook was a monumental task that I would never accomplish.  However, after meeting my Balfour Rep I was put at ease.  She broke all the steps down making the yearbook manageable for both my staff and me."
Helen Bagala
Yearbook Co-adviser
Wilkerson Intermediate School
The Woodlands, Texas
"I have told everyone I come in contact with that I will only work with Balfour Yearbooks.  There is no one else. My service representative and Plant Account Executive at Balfour Yearbooks are so patient and concerned and helpful.  They are always there when I need them to answer questions and help me with the production of our yearbook."
Kim Lynch
Yearbook Adviser
Stratford High School
Houston, Texas
"Working with my Balfour rep is one of the best parts of being a yearbook adviser.  My rep is organized, helpful, prompt, realistic, and always gets the job done, no matter what.  She makes the advisers' and editors' jobs so much easier!"
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