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Mark your calendar . . .
April 17
Spring Forum* (Houston, TX)
June 4-6
Junior High Workshop* (Houston, TX)

Summer 2019

Adviser Development Workshop and Computer Training (Grapevine, TX)
July 19-21
High School Workshop* (Texas A&M University)
Fall 2019 Computer Workshop* (Houston, TX)
Fall 2019 Elementary School Workshop* (Houston, TX)
Fall 2019 Intensity Workshop (Dallas, TX)
Fall 2019 Advanced Design & Trends Forum (a.k.a. "Fall Forum")* (Houston, TX)
Fall 2019 New Adviser Workshop (Dallas, TX)
Fall 2019 Cover Artist by Appointment Only* (Houston, TX)
Fall 2019 Yearbook Critique Week with Kel Lemmons* (Houston, TX)
* Event sponsored by the Balfour Yearbooks Houston Office
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